The Strategic Board

Thank you for the tremendous job facilitating our Board retreat. You hit it out of the ballpark.
Daniel J. McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer, CareSource Management Group

To call Mark Light an expert on governance is perfectly legitimate. After all, he's written three books on the topic and has 22 years of front-line experience as the chief executive of two large nonprofit agencies. Does working with 14 board chairs during that time span count? How about adding to the mix dozens of board retreats that he has facilitated? And the 16 boards that have taken his Strategic Board Capacity Assessment that primes the pump for every board retreat he does?

The Strategic Board retreat takes trustees to a new level of performance in this eye-opening and interactive workshop where participants discover the Four Complaints, Seven Realities, Five Great Questions, and Two Easy Fixes of governance. In addition, participants will build rock-solid duties and standards of conduct for the board, board member, and the executive director. The retrat will also clarify what and how many committees should help the board accomplish its duties (hint: you can count them with one hand). Finally, board members will revisit the mission and generate ideas for future strategies. All in about six hours of highly energized activity that stays on topic, is fun, and accomplishes a great deal. 

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nfotainment at its most energetic and insightful!
Alec Dickey, Former External Communications Director, Opera America

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