Emerging Leaders

His platform skills are outstanding but he is not merely a polished leadership practitioner.

He is also insightful.

Bruce R. Carmichael, Chief Human Capital Development Officer
McGaw YMCA, Chicago (testimonial)


The Emerging Leaders Program enables participants to learn vital skills for success in non-profit organizations. Every ELP is tailored to the agency and the experience of participants. A cohort with all executive level members will have a different curriculum as one with new call-center employees, participants from many different areas, or with widely varying experience. Even better, to support learning, every participant (no more than 15 in a cohort) receives up to three hours of leadership coaching directly from Dr. Light.


Most agencies solicit applications requiring a supervisor's endorsement and commitment of support. Applications usually exceed space, which requires a selection process. This actually enhances the value of the program throughout the organization. Being chosen for an ELP cohort is a honor that recognizes the potential for each participant to succeed and advance within the organization. 


There are typically three half-day sessions for the ELP. The first is Leading Self in which participants work to understand themselves and prepare a personal development plan for the coming 12 months. Using a framework from Bolman and Deal's best-selling Reframing Organizations, participants decide their strengths by using individual DiSC profiles and other prompts, clarifying their personal missions; and proposing what they need to learn, whose help they need, and what they are going to do in the next 12-months though vision, strategies, and goals.


The second session is Leading Others, which begins by reinforcing the first session's learning. Next participants learn about the five hats that leaders wear (leader, manager, mentor, trainer, and coach). After learning and practicing the basic all-purpose communication style of empowerment and recognition, participants will learn and practice delivering effective feedback and coaching. Finally, participants will learn the tools necessary to manage the boss. 


The third module is Leading Work. After a review of the previous two sessions, the cohort will learn and practice effective decision making, time management, and strategy making.


The final module is Leading Change, which adresses revolutionary and evolutionary perspectives, managing for creativity and innovation, and issues related to the cost of change efforts.


Organizations can customize the ELP to address important issues that are unlike to them like team work, customer service, writing and presenting.


Participants loved Dr. Light’s interactive workshops . . .
the content was very relevant to their day-to-day lives (both in the workplace and out).

Mallory DePrekel, Manager; Learning, Career and Volunteer Engagement (former)
McGaw YMCA, Chicago (testimonial)

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