Emerging Leaders

His platform skills are outstanding
but he is not merely a polished leadership practitioner.

He is also insightful.

Bruce R. Carmichael, Chief Human Capital Development Officer
McGaw YMCA, Chicago (testimonial)


We all know how hard it is to find top performers for open positions. Sure, bringing in an outsider can give a short-term burst of performance, but it's the insider who really delivers over the longer term. So, wouldn't it be better to select from a ready pool of highly-motivated, knowledgeable, and talented candidates? Candidates that you already know are ready to advance? Fact is that the best way to recruit top talent is to have them in your organization already. Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program!


The ELP equips participants with pragmatic skills for success. Every ELP is tailored to the agency and the experience of participants. Think of it as an honors seminar for up-and-comers led by a top-tier trainer, a certified leadership coach, and a seasoned chief executive with over 20 years on the front-line and a Ph.D. in leadership and change.


Each ELP consists of four half-day, hands-on learning workshops spaced apart by at least two weeks. Each workshop contains a mix of content, discussion, and hands-on practice. To support learning and provide accountability, each participant receives three one-hour coaching/advising/mentoring sessions with Dr. Light.


Succession planning is all the rage these days. But it's not only for top level leaders; it's not a plan that gathers dust. It is an ethos that begins with entry-level employees and continues as they move upward in the agency. Don't call it succession planning; call it successioning. And welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program!


Participants loved Dr. Light’s interactive workshops . . .
the content was very relevant to their day-to-day lives (both in the workplace and out).

Mallory DePrekel, Manager; Learning, Career and Volunteer Engagement (former)
McGaw YMCA, Chicago (testimonial)

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(312) 799-1117

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